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Let's Get Motivated!

December is almost upon us and it's a busy month. Holidays, family, crazy amounts of shopping and cookie baking. How can we find time for writing?

It's my hope that this community will serve as a place for motivation and support. I'll be the first to admit that, while I love creating with words, I don't always get myself moving to get any done. Not good, especially with WIPs hanging out begging for completion.

What I'd like to do is have a weekly check-in here on Wednesdays. That way we can see how each week is progressing without having to worry about doing it on the weekends when we're all extra busy. This check-in can consist of anything - inspiration, a bit of writing to share that you need opinions on, or just a weekly gripe about why it's impossible to get any writing done.

So what do you say? Shall we band together and see what we can get done with a little encouragement and pom-pom waving? And possibly alcoholic beverages?

Edited to Add: This is members-only, so don't be a lurker - join the community and let's have some fun!


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Is it Wednesday yet? (Oh, in my part of the world it's still November.)

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Sounds awesome. :D Thanks!

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Very good idea. :) Thanks.
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Yay! So glad to see this comm! Thanks for setting it up.

When my mojo returns, I will be here with bells on. (In the meantime, I'll probably continue to sulk in a corner. ;-P)

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Dude - just what I need. And you have been the best cheerleader/supporter/encouraging voice. Weekly check-ins sound very wise.

As per usual, it's too late and I'm too knackered to go into length, but I wholeheartedly approve.


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Mifu!! I'm here! Squee. I actually finished the latest chapter of my poor pitiful Blair story today and I have a couple of other things still to work on. I shall be back later to read the comments. So glad you did this.

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I'm here! Thanks for leaving the door unlocked. Great idea! Bless you for thinking of this comm!

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Okay, I'm in! Weekly is good, and we can set our own targets of how much time we should spend per week to meet the "keep writing" goal.

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I'm in! Thanks for organizing this. It'll be really helpful to have motivation during such a busy month. :)

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Thanks for setting this up! Glad to be here!

Is it ok to promote this comm? I'd like to tell some of my tumblr or twitter friends to see if they might like to get some more lj going on :)

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This is a great idea, and I am totally in. :) Having people to whine at check in with on a regular basis is a great motivator for me (although I didn't participate as much in the WriSo check-ins this month). Thanks for this!

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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Clings to you with both hands. Promises to come back on Wednesdays. My venture into original writing is just starting and I could certainly use some motivation and support. Hopefully, nobody will be put off by my sporadic surges of competent fanfic porn output. I truly do struggle for long stretches of time (read...the entire part of the year that is not November).

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*clings back* We'll be here with pompoms on Wednesdays ♥

I hear you, I've been struggling this entire past year because I always do my best effort when I have cheerleaders.
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I wanted a place like this SO BAD at the end of my first WriSo, so I'm very happy to see it come into being, especially in time to pick up where WriSo is leaving off. <3 It's true that you can't really get the same community and camaraderie you get at WriSo anywhere else, as far as writing comms go (and trust me, I've looked).

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Agreed. I've joined loads of other writing comms hoping for wriso and it doesn't pan out.

Glad to see you here! :)

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Wednesdays and alcohol sound purrfect.

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Thank you so much for this. Yes, you bet I'm signing up. With both hands. Using quill pens!

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Oh my god, I so need someone to kick my butt every week to write something!

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I've been struggling with writer's block for months. Or rather: with a strange reluctance to open my files and revisted my WIPs. Perhaps this comm will be the kick in the ass I seem to need. :D

I'd be happy to discuss any reasons or issues people might have that discourage them from writing or make them want to abandon their projects. If this is the right place for that.

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I'm in! At least I seem to be. This weekend's been so hectic I may just be confused. Correction: more confused than usual.

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Huzzah!!! I've already been mourning the loss of wrisomifu and what the lack of daily check-ins would do for my already-kinda-shitty productivity but a year-round group with weekly check-ins? Oh, that sounds fantastic. Count me in!!

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Count me definitely in - I've been having so much trouble getting words down lately, or rather, opening my docs at all. And I love to wave pom poms for other struggling writers :)

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Yay you're here! :D

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