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Let's Get Motivated!

December is almost upon us and it's a busy month. Holidays, family, crazy amounts of shopping and cookie baking. How can we find time for writing?

It's my hope that this community will serve as a place for motivation and support. I'll be the first to admit that, while I love creating with words, I don't always get myself moving to get any done. Not good, especially with WIPs hanging out begging for completion.

What I'd like to do is have a weekly check-in here on Wednesdays. That way we can see how each week is progressing without having to worry about doing it on the weekends when we're all extra busy. This check-in can consist of anything - inspiration, a bit of writing to share that you need opinions on, or just a weekly gripe about why it's impossible to get any writing done.

So what do you say? Shall we band together and see what we can get done with a little encouragement and pom-pom waving? And possibly alcoholic beverages?

Edited to Add: This is members-only, so don't be a lurker - join the community and let's have some fun!

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They will have to prise my lj from my cold dead hands (assuming that the lj stays alive), and November is an awful month for me (work!busy) so I'm in to try to do better next month and beyond...

To December!!!

Thanks for setting this up!

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I wanted to keep all my new friends! LOL!